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New Feature: Donations

17 August 2023 | Ollie Carr-Hill
New Feature: Donations

Our second new product type has been completed. Clubs are now able to take donations through Teamo taking them one step closer to centralising everything!

Taking donations is crucial for the sustainability and growth of clubs and allowing members to contribute however much they choose to whilst paying for their membership is a perfect time to ask for donations.

Donations enable clubs to enhance their facilities, provide quality coaching and training opportunities, offer financial assistance to underprivileged participants, and organize events that bring together individuals of all ages and backgrounds. By accepting donations, amateur sports clubs can create an inclusive and supportive environment, encouraging more people to participate in sports, learn valuable life skills, and develop a lifelong passion for physical activity.

As this is all CRUCIAL in our eyes, we decided we would help make things easier for clubs.

Admins first need to create the product:

  • Go to ‘Club Products’
  • Click ‘Create Product’ by selecting the ‘Other’ option followed by ‘Donation’ 
  • Set up the product how you wish, with a guide price
  • Select which teams and groups will be able to see the donation option
  • Promotion section: Select where the donation appears for users - on the Payments page, after Check-out (user buying a membership) or in the newsfeed (coming soon).

Users making the donation:

  • Payments Page -
  • If a user has a donation product available to the team or group that they are in - they will see a donation button on their payments page. They will be able to select a donation product that is available to them. They can set the amount and also add an optional message. After clicking ‘add donation’ - this will take them to a checkout modal to make the payment.
  • Checkout -
  • When a user is paying for their membership - it will check if there are donation products available to teams/groups that they are in (it will also check to make sure that the donation products are connected to the same stripe or GC accounts as the membership you are about to buy). This will take you to the checkout page where you can add your donation.  
  • Newsfeed -
  • Details to come!

Once a donation has been paid:

  • The user will be able to see it in their payments history.
  • Admins will be able to see it in reports as a separate invoice, the product is down as a donation.
  • Admins will also be able to review donations from within the team payments page. 
  • They can send a message notification to say thank you to the user who’s made the donation

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