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October Product Updates 2023

19 October 2023 | Ollie Carr-Hill
October Product Updates 2023

It’s hard to think back to a time when there was so much amazing sport on at one time. It is relentless, Ashes Cricket, The Ryder Cup, The Solheim Cup, the start of the Premier League, the Cricket World Cup, The Rugby World Cup; the list is endless. 

Before we get carried away listing every single phenomenal spectacle, we thought we would take a breath and share what we have done to help grass-root sports clubs thrive in this manic time of year.

Deadline Availability

This tool is located within the advanced settings for both Training sessions and Fixtures. Toggle on to stop players submitting availability past a certain time, allowing you (as manager) ample time to select your squad for the upcoming matches. 

If users try to amend their availability past the deadline, they will be prompted to message a captain or manager to change it for them, this way, the management team are able to take this into account!

Long-term Availability

Get an instant gauge on where people are through the season, see who has chunks of the season missing with ease as you scroll across the fixtures through the season. 

This allows coaches to plan their rotations in advance instead of dealing with recurring issues week on week.

App Performance Updates

We have made multiple app updates in the last month to reduce the amount of memory that is needed to operate the app. There have been speed improvements added to, which should improve performance on day to day tasks.

Cancel Event Reason

Frozen pitch? Cancel training and let everyone know the reason for the cancellation. The reason box will pop-up when people click into the event and then they can see why the event has been called off.

Fundraising page

You might have noticed a new tab on the side of your desktop view. This will make it easier for you to push your fundraising to the members in the club. Get involved with Teamo Lotto by dropping us a message in Support, clubs have started consistently raising money monthly and it is starting to make a big difference for them. 

Alongside this, you have TeamoRewards. Members on average earn £10 each for the club. This simple add-on effortlessly raises much-needed club funds.

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