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Product Update - June time

01 July 2024 | Ollie Carr-Hill
Product Update - June time

A double update this time. We have done a whole host of tweaks and improving the nitty bits, so not as much to discover today, but have a look to see all the developments that we have made over the last two months.

´╗┐Headlines include: Xero integration, Event Reporting Upgrades, a New Preview for your Registration Forms starting from the beginning plus a whole host of other minor tweaks.

Xero Integration

Our platform now connects with Xero, a leading online accounting software. This exciting new feature will allow you to effortlessly track payments from our platform directly in your Xero account, providing a seamless and efficient way to manage your club's financial transactions.

Other accounting software integrations WILL be added, if your club use a different platform, please let us know which one it is! Read more about it here.

Event Reporting Improvements

We have added and altered how the payments section inside events functions. We have added a sort option -by time. This will allow you to see who paid most recently if you want to act on a first-come first-serve basis. 

The refunds will be displayed more clearly, both in the downloaded report, but also in the payment summary area too. 

Finally, we have shifted a few columns around within the downloaded report itself. This is to make things clearer for admins and managers who just want to glance at the downloads and not spend unnecessary time working out who has paid on behalf of who.

Preview Registration Button

Ever wondered what the sign-up process is for new users? Well wonder no-more, we have added a button that will allow you to run through the entire sign-up process to your club. Imagine you have just opened your registration link, click through with our pre-set answers and check that your registration questions are exactly what you want.

Head to the Registration section, then click Preview Registration Forms. You will be able to pull in answers from our pop-up box in the top right corner to autofill for questions!

Nitty Bits

Lots to cover here:

  • Adding a dependant to your account will have an autofill address option. 
  • You can now toggle AutoPay on for certain club sections.
  • FitLeague patches
  • Leaderboards pull through images
  • You can now create a social with no ticket, but still set it as a limited event.
  • DESKTOP - Hover over an icon in the availability status to remind yourself what each icon means.
  • Treasurer Club Role can access Team Payments.
  • There is a minimum age you can add to products.
  • Can make users join multiple groups on purchase.
  • Join parent group eg join Mens 1s and Mens in one.
  • Concessions - can add display names for things.
  • Waiting room has been added to the Members Centre, search Waiting. More functionality to come!
  • Members Centre improved searches.
  • Work out who has not completed their registration questions in the Waiting room with our new icon.
  • Can email them directly asking them to finish their questions.

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