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Spencer Lynx Webinar Recapped

27 February 2024
Spencer Lynx Webinar Recapped

On Monday 26th February we spoke with Donna, one of the Founders from Spencer Lynx on how Lynx was created. Ollie and Donna went in depth about how to start a successful Community outreach programme and also investigated how to keep the momentum rolling from Year to Year.

There is the full video below for anyone who was unable to make the webinar.

There is a breakdown of the segments at the bottom of the page.

Full Video

Using Teamo for the Admin

Teamo have committed to helping charities, such as Spencer Lynx, Hockey Inner City and Falcon Flyerz. Listen to Donna below on the advantages of switching to Teamo from using WhatsApp

Teamo over WhatsApp?

Whilst we are putting the video onto Youtube to split nicely into chapters - we have a rough timeline summarised below:

0-1:35 Introduction

1:35-4:20 What is Spencer Lynx?

4:20-6:40 Logistics

6:40-10:00 Finding the target Audience

10:00-11:25 Roadblocks

11:25-12:25 Attendance Drivers

12:25-13:55 Teamo for Admin

13:55- 15:35 Motivation to continue

15:35- 17:10 Snowballing

17:10- 18:30 International Athletes

18:30- 21:10 Lynx Today

21:10-22:10 Sourcing Coaches

22:10- 24:10 Current Challanges

24:10 - 25:20 Sessions in Schools

25:20-27:00 Supporting Families

27:00- 27:35 Comms Via Teamo

27:35- Future of Lynx


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