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Stop - Check - Enter

30 January 2023
Stop - Check - Enter

Stop people getting into the club without permission

Waiting rooms are now here! Stop unwanted people from joining the club unannounced and take the time to verify who you’d like to join your club and who should miss-out.

The waiting room feature has been set to on for every club. This can be toggled off through Manage Club > Registration then flicking the relevant toggle. Whilst this toggle is on, every single new joiner will be navigated to this holding area, until an admin admits them to the club.

The order of play will be as follows:

1- Member joins Teamo + your club by following the registration link. 

2- Member completes the registration form set by your club. 

3- Member is placed in a waiting area, where they will be able to write a message to admins. 

4- Admins will receive a notification saying that X amount of people are in the waiting room. 

5- An admin will be able to click into their club’s waiting room and look through the list of potential members.

6- An admin will be able to accept, or deny, any user. Once they have accepted them to the club, they will be able to allocate them to the appropriate section within their club. 

Once you have declined people, you will see a declined list at the bottom of your waiting list, so you can click on it if needed.

Some quick FAQ's

What can Admins see for people in the waiting room?

  • Admins will be able to see the whole list of people that are waiting
  • They will be in order of when they tried to join the club, (oldest at the bottom, most recent at the top)
  • They will be able to click on a profile and see the contact details, along with any registration questions that you asked

How do people know if they have been accepted?

  • They will receive a notification confirming that they are in the club. 

And if they are not accepted?

  • Declined members will see on their page that they have been declined from the club. 

Can I see people on the waiting list anywhere in my current club?

  • You won’t be able to see waiting room users in contacts or payments centre and they will automatically be filtered out of the members centre.
  • If you search ‘ Waiting ’ in the search bar in your members centre, you will see the waiting list here.

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