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Teamo provides us with our own app and GDPR compliant communications platform that allows members to keep up-to-date with everything at the Club. 

  • Teamo is our new membership system - all members must to be registered on Teamo
  • Teamo is your convenient way to pay for membership, match fees and other events
  • Teamo is how players show availability for fixtures/training and how captains select their teams and communicate team sheets and logistics
  • Teamo is your club calendar for all fixtures, training and social events
  • Teamo holds emergency contact information for captains and coaches to easily access if needed.

Can I use teamo without the app (e.g. if I don't have a smart phone)?

  • You do not need to have downloaded the app in order to get involved! Once you have registered, you can access teamo on a web browser. Follow this link to log into Teamo with your chosen social network.

I'm stuck - who can help me?

If you've exhausted the help materials above, please get in touch with one of our Teamo Admins below.


To register and join the club, join Teamo and get the app using the guide below. 

Sign up link

There's lots of help and tutorials on the Teamo website.

You can also use the chat feature to ask a question direct to Teamo Support, from the App

  • Telford & Wrekin HC - Adult Registration Guide
  • Telford & Wrekin HC - Guardian Registration Guide
  • Telford & Wrekin HC - Playing Parent Registration Guide

Teamo Pay

How do I add a payment method on Teamo (credit/debit card)?

The club has signed up with GoCardless to collect all payments. Gocardless will process your payments and will take a few days to process through the system.

Use the sequence below to add a payment method on Teamo.

This will now begin to take you through the CoCardless setup process and to an external link to complete you banking details. You are not signing up for direct debit - the app can be confusing in this sense.

How do I pay my membership fees on Teamo?

At the start of the season, the club will assign you the correct Subscription Tier for you and your children. 

Correct Discounts will be applied to 2nd, 3rd and 4th child(s).

When Subscription membership fees are due, you will see these in your payments due screen. Select the option to continue the payment process. 

If you feel the assigned membership is incorrect, please contact your captain or the committee for support, do not process the payment until clarified. 

Payment Deadlines

  • For Subscription Membership fees, these are to be paid by the last day of September for the playing season. 
  • For Match fees, these can be gathered up and paid at the end of each month.

You will be at risk of a no pay, no play policy if you fail to keep up with subscription and match fee payments.

I can't see payment options for my son/daughter in the Teamo app. What do I do?

We've seen a few of these problems and they are usually due to the way the parent/guardian is setup in Teamo. Please follow the below guidance to ensure you are setup correctly.

  • First, the parent/guardian uses their own app to click their profile picture (or initials top left) and select "My profile" from the menu.
  • Every junior member in Teamo MUST have a parent/guardian set up in Teamo too. This is for data protection and safeguarding (e.g. parent/guardians see all chat messages sent to juniors).  
  • If you access the app in your son/daughter's name with your son/daughter's date of birth in that profile, you will NOT be able to pay in Teamo - Teamo thinks you are a junior yourself!
  • Create a new profile for yourself as a parent/guardian and link it to your son/daughter's. You should access Teamo with the app in your name.  
  • Your son/daughter can also access Teamo but in their own name and their app. See the Help Guides in our Teamo page above, ask Teamo Support Chat for help if needed or one of the club Teamo admins.
  • An adult player who is also a parent/guardian of a junior player needs to have their own date of birth completed in their profile - not the date of birth of the junior!  
  • Otherwise Teamo thinks you too are a junior and you can't pay for membership or tickets.  
  • Edit if you need to or if you can't then contact Teamo Support in the chat or one of the club Teamo admins to fix the date of birth.
  • A parent/guardian who is not a player does not need to have a date of birth completed
  • The relationship between the parent/guardian and son/daughter needs to be correct. In the profile again, click the family icon near the top. Teamo will allow only the parent/guardian(s) of a junior to pay for membership or tickets. If the relationships are not shown or are incorrect, please contact Teamo Support or one of the club Teamo admins.
  • Look at the Teams/Groups at the bottom of your profile. The parent/guardian needs to have a "guardian" role, either for Juniors or for the relevant team of their son/daughter(s). (You can also have other roles as a player, captain or manager.)
  • Look at the Teams/Groups at the bottom of your son/daughter's profile too. They should be a Junior's "player" or a "player" for the relevant juniors (and/or) seniors team. E.g. a 17 year old will be a junior "player" and also (say) a M4s "player".

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