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New Feature: Autopay

11 March 2024
New Feature: Autopay

What is it?

AutoPay is a new and efficient way to collect payments from your users. Invoices will be grouped together forming Statements and members are debited once a month, saving the club transaction fees.

Admins can limit how much a user pays each month, so things are always under control.

Once everything has been set-up, clubs will NEVER miss payments. Since everything is debited automatically, you do not need users to click Pay on each invoice, so as the end of the month rolls around, all invoices will be collected automatically.

How does it work?

Every month users will be charged for what they accumulated through the month. This payment is taken on the same day every month. The total will be shown to users in a Monthly Statement, which they can access in their Payments Section.

The Monthly Statement will include things like match fees, training fees and membership installments.

Clubs will set a limit on how much they will charge users per month, which will be the maximum amount of money a user can pay each month. Any unpaid invoices, will roll over to the next statement.

Credit Notes

One small trip for the player, one massive change to the club! 

If you use AutoPay, you now have the ability to credit players. Meaning if someone umpires an extra game, coaches the juniors or drives to the game, you can mark it inside of Teamo and their next statement will reflect their contributions to the club (meaning they pay less). 

Any unused credit will roll over to the next month. 

You can generate Credit Notes directly from an event, or you can do it via the Payment Centre.



What Products Can I link to AutoPay?

All Products that are under the monthly limit you set are applicable for AutoPay.

The only exception being a Social Ticket that requires Pre-payment for the event.

Can we just take money from our members?

Yes - AS LONG AS You have communicated everything you need to. Importantly users will need to opt-in to this happening. Money will not be taken from their account if they do not opt-in.

How do Users Pay?

If a User has opted into using AutoPay, they will not need to click pay on all products that have been linked to AutoPay.

For example: If Match Fees are linked to AutoPay by the club, once a manager assigns all the match fees, they will immediately go to everyone's monthly statement.

At the end of the month, the total statement will be taken from the User's linked account.

We are already using Deferred Payments. What happens with this if we turn on AutoPay?

As soon as you turn on AutoPay, deferred invoices will no longer be collected by the deferred payment process. Instead, they will be added to the Monthly Statement which will be taken on the 5th of each Month.

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