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Product Updates: July 2022

28 July 2022 | Joe Chomet
Product Updates: July 2022

You spoke and we listened. We've added a bunch of cool new features and made some major improvements over the last month. This month's updates include:

Webmaster Access

Start building your club’s website NOW! Simply log into your desktop account and hit the Website tab on the left-hand side. You’ll first be asked to assign a webmaster, and once you’re set-up, you can start building your site! There will be some pop-ups to guide you through the process, but if you need any help just Message Teamo Support or our in-app support chat. Once you’re ready to go live with your new website, let us know and we’ll help you get set up.

Sponsors in TeamoMail

Does your club have sponsors that you want to display in your Teamo emails? You can add these now! Go to Manage Club > Manage Sponsors > add your club’s sponsors with links to their websites and then select ‘include club sponsors in email’.

Headline sponsors with appear first, then your secondary ones will appear below then.

The ability to add club sponsors to your emails and website makes your club much more attractive to potential sponsors!

This feature is only available to clubs on paid packages.

Match Reports in App

Following the release of match reports last month for club’s using TeamoSites, it is now possible to write match reports for any club, even if you’re not using TeamoSites. To turn the match report feature on, head to ‘Manage Club’ > ‘Edit Club Details’ > Turn ‘Team News’ on. Read more about match reports HERE.

Payment Info in Members Centre

Fed up with switching between the members centre and payment centre to cross reference information? Now you can view an individual's payments due and payment history directly from the members centre. Simply click on the member, and on the right-hand side, you will see a payments tab for that individual.

TeamoSites Updates

Tables on information pages and articles - Tables can now be included in information pages and articles. These can be added in the same way you add any other block to these pages.

Featured Reel on Mobile - If any of your featured reel images don’t look as good in the mobile version of your website, you can now change the settings to keep them landscape rather than cropping them into a portrait orientation. To change this setting, go to site settings and edit the Mobile Featured Reel

Also on This Day - When you click on a fixture on your website you will now see a banner appear at the bottom of the screen highlighting any other matches occurring on that day. This means you can easily switch between same-day matches and look at the members playing for each team. Perfect if your club runs a fantasy league!

Club Mail Unsubscribed List

Using TeamoMail for regular club communications? You can now check which of your members have unsubscribed. This can be done in the members centre, by clicking on the small cogs on the right-hand side menu > hide/show columns > select ‘Clubmail’ and hit OK. You’ll now see an extra column appear in your database which will contain a red cross for any members that have unsubscribed from Teamomail. 

Not only can you see who has unsubscribed but you can also prompt them to re-subscribe. Just click on ‘Send Notifications’ on the right-hand side > Choose either Notification or Broadcast Message > Write your message > Select ‘Prompt to check email settings’ from the drop-down menu under the recipients' names > choose to send as an email copy (broadcast message only) > send!

Ticket Information in Event Download

When you download the ticket information for a social event, you will now see the ticket information in the spreadsheet. This means that if you are selling different tickets for the same event, such as different food choices at your end-of-season dinner, you can easily see who’s ordered what and make plans accordingly.

Reassigning Last Season's Memberships

Want to allocate members the same product they had last year on mass? This can now be done in the payment centre once you’ve set up your new season and archived last season.

  1. Go to the payment centre
  2. Change the season to last year
  3. Filter by the product you wish to re-assign for the new season
  4. Select all
  5. It will then ask which season you wish to assign the new membership for
  6. Deselect any players who you don't want to allocate the product to
  7. Choose the membership from the list on the right-hand side

That's all for now, but if you want to share your feedback and comments, please get in touch with us using the button below!

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