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Product Updates 2023: February Edition

13 February 2023
Product Updates 2023: February Edition

A busy start to the Year with more to come!

A New Year and a revamped and improved Teamo to match it. We have added a whole host of things to make club volunteers’ lives easier.  From a change in our onboarding process to a massive new #GetSocial tool, Teamo is methodically adding tools to aid grassroot clubs. 

“We have been really impressed with the system since launching and the adoption from the members has been amazing.” - Dorridge CC

NEW: #GetSocial

A tool specifically designed for the social media sec’s! This tool has developed into a powerful feature as improvements have been added week after week. Choose from teamsheets, fixture lists, and results tables all in a variety of styles and formats. The options are endless. Download it all at the touch of a button and then post to your Social Media channels. 

Read more about it here.

NEW: Waiting Room

Another highly requested feature is finally here. Stop people from entering your club without permission from an admin. Vet the potential new members and only accept people who you actually want to be in the club. 

“ I love the new Waiting Room! It's great to be able to hold New Members in a space until I have had the opportunity to not only admit them but also to gain info about their experience. Pleased with that - thank you!” - Cardiff Volleyball Club

Read more about it here.

NEW: Club/Team Codes

As part of our new onboarding process, we have revamped the way clubs can onboard their users. There is now a code that players can directly type in to join the club. Alternatively, if you want players to directly join your team, you can send them an individual code. Managers and Captains can find the code by tapping into their team profile and hitting the share button.

Improved: Play-Cricket Import

We have improved our import function with Play-Cricket for the upcoming season. This year, you will be able to filter the import by team. This will be especially useful if only some of your teams within your club are on Teamo, so you will only need to download their fixtures!

We have also added a filter to exclude previously uploaded fixtures in the case of a second import. In the scenario where you do an initial upload and then are given a second batch of fixtures, you will be able to upload these without the already uploaded events getting in the way. 

New: Calendar Filter

A quick tool for people with busy schedules. Easily edit your calendar view to suit you. Pick between home matches or away games for each week, or select an individual team, to see what events are specifically linked to them.

Look for the filter button within the desktop version of the calendar! It will be near the top of the page.

New: Attendance Role

Coach busy running the session? Manager not there on the day? Tracking attendance is sometimes a bit tricky for clubs and teams to keep on top of. So we have added a new feature to spread the responsibility of marking who has attended sessions. Inside the event, you will be able to assign the attendance register. This will then pull you to a page where you can send a chat message with a link to the person who you want to fill in the register. This link will expire 24 hours after it has been sent. 

To find this link, a captain/manager can click on the event, and then hit MANAGE. If they then click the icon in the top-right corner of the screen, they will see the attendance register icon. Select this and send it out to parents or volunteers helping with the session. 

Users with this link will not be given any manager permissions, they will only be able to mark attendance for that one event.

Feedback Zone

Teamo is keen to hear from any and all users, especially in regard to potential add-ons which we can include. We have created a Canny page, which will be open to all. This means that we can see what features are most popular amongst admins so we can prioritise things accordingly! If you see something you like the sound of, give it an upvote. The link to the page can be found here.

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