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Product Update: September 2022

29 September 2022
Product Update: September 2022

NEW: TeamoRewards

TeamoRewards is the new way to start raising money for your club, with virtually no effort at all!

With TeamoRewards activated on your club's Teamo account, your club members will have access to discounts at thousands of online retailers, including Nike, Under Armour, ASOS and many more!

Effortless club fundraising by earning cashback which goes straight into the club every time a member shops online.

Find out more about TeamoRewards

NEW: Homepage & Upcoming Events

The home page of the Teamo app has been redesigned to put the users at the forefront with less emphasis on the club whilst still maintaining a personal newsfeed.

The new design makes it much quicker and easier to view your upcoming events and even separates the events out into your own fixtures and training, and those of any dependents you're linked to

Read more here

NEW: Club Page with Match Reports and News

The club page has been developed into the go-to place for every development in the club. We have maintained the club fixtures with upcoming events integrated into a new ‘magazine’ type format with latest news and match reports easily accessible for all.

The new design makes it much quicker and easier to view your upcoming events and even separates the events out into your own fixtures and training, and those of any dependents you're linked to.

Read more here

NEW: In-App News Articles

You can also write your club's news articles directly from the app! Especially useful if your club isn't yet using TeamoSites.

Simply click on the three dots in the top corner of the Club page and click 'New Article' to get started!

You can add images, links, tables and more!

NEW: Medical Indicator

Our new medical indicators are now available on player lists for every event.

These indicators allow captains, coaches and managers to quickly determine if any players in their group have a medical condition that they should be aware of.

This can be especially useful information if you are adding in a guest coach for a one-off training session, or if a player is joining a new team in the club.

Find out more by clicking here

NEW: Automated Customisable Registration Emails

Are you tired of having to send an email to every new member who signs up to your club with all the information for the year? You can now automate this process so that players are automatically sent all this information upon registering for the club. You can set different emails for different sections of the club, meaning your junior sign-ups will receive a customised junior section welcome email!

Head to Manage Club > Registration > Scroll down and start creating your new welcome emails

NEW: Due Date, Forecasting and VAT in Payment Center

We’ve add a few new tools into the finance reports in the payment center. You can now filter the reports section by 'due date' so that you can start forecasting your club’s income between specific dates. You’ll now also see a ‘due date’ column in the report.

If you need to keep track of VAT for any reason, this is now included as a column in the reports tab too.

NEW: England Hockey GMS Player Import

If your hockey club wants to use Teamo to keep track of which players are GMS registered you can now use the England Hockey indicator for this purpose instead of its old Covid functionality.

Read more here!

NEW: Whats App Style Text Formatting in Chats

If you want to focus on something, make the text look bold. For this, you need to place an asterisk (*) before and after the string you want to make bold. You can make single or multiple words bold in this way.

Just like bold, you can also make any text in the italics font. If you want to make any string in the italics font, just type an underscore (_) before and after.

UPDATED: Switch Clubs Button

For members who are associated with more than one club, they have the option to switch clubs using the new and improved 'switch' button that can now be found on the homepage, making it much clearer for first time users.

On mobile, the button can be found in the bottom right of the homepage, and on desktop it can be found in the top right.

When you click on the 'switch' button, you'll see the list of clubs you and your dependents are connected to, as well as the upcoming events you have for that club. You'll also see if you have chat messages or notifications that need opening.

With one click, you can now see all your upcoming events across multiple clubs!

UPDATED: Registration Forms

Our new look registration forms should make it easier and quicker for admins to set up, and simpler for members to sign up for your club. Not only are they slicker and easier to use, but we’ve also added a range of new features for admins to create different types of questions. 

  1. “Visible to admins only” option for sensitive information that you may be collecting for D&I data
  2. “New members only" toggle for questions you may only want new members to answer rather than prompting existing members to answer
  3. Flag medical questions in team sheets and event lists
  4. Option to change “gender” to “sex”
  5. Option to make postcode compulsory

Read more here

Updates 1-3 are controlled within each question, and updates 4 &5 are controlled by going to Manage Club > Registration > Scroll Down to "Personal Profiles"

UPDATED: England Hockey League Tables

Have your England Hockey league tables viewable in Teamo! Simply head to the club page, find the team you want to add the league table to, edit the competition and copy the whole URL from the England Hockey or the regional area website into the 'Competition Website' and 'Link to League Table' options.

DOWNLOAD: Teamo Sponsorship Guide

We know how important it is for clubs to be able to raise funds, so we put together our Sponsorship Guide for the upcoming season! It is full of top tips that you can use just in time for the season!

Hit the button below to read more!

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