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Product Updates: Summer Edition

09 August 2023
Product Updates: Summer Edition

Summer is here. We have had a record number of users on Teamo in the last few months and we are busy as ever, building more features and making drastic improvements all throughout the app.

New: Club Documents

Club documents are now live in Teamo. This space is versatile and can be used by Managers, Captains, Admins and more! Whatever needs to be shared can be done at the touch of a button, along with users being able to access it on the go, or download it should they need to. 

Share session plans, tactics, AGM minutes and far more with just the touch of a button. 

Read more about it here.

Improved: PlayCricket Intergration

Feedback from clubs last year was largely positive at the end of our first year of integrating with PlayCricket. The main request given to us surrounded stats and pulling things through from one platform to the other. 

Not only did we revamp the Team stats page, but we also found a way to auto-input results into events that have a PlayCricket ID. Oh, and we have added personal stats to users, so they can view their own batting and bowling numbers from the year. 

Further details can be found here.

Improved UI

Improved UI - Sending Notifications

Another UI redesign area has been the ‘Send Notification’ section. This will now be far clearer to anyone trying to send out broadcast messages or any notifications in general. Updates to the rest of the platform will continue on coming, so keep an eye out.

Improved UI - Post-game stats + Results

You might have noticed that a few of the pages in and around entering results and statistics have been given a fresh lick of paint. For all sports, we have revamped the Results sections. There is now a cleaner and more simple look to the pages in both the app and the desktop version.

Waiting Room Improvements

Now at the top of the Waiting room, you will see all of the club sections inside your club. The first view will default to showing everyone in the waiting room, however you might want to click into specific sections to see how many people want to join each section in your club! The list will display users based on when they submitted their application to the club. Most recent at the top, with people who have been waiting the longest at the bottom.

Consent Permissions

We have slightly edited the permission icons. After allowing all users to have control on their permissions, clubs have brought up the issues this might raise, the fact people could change it at any moment will mean clubs are never certain if people have opted in or out and how long they have set this for. 

Now - inside the edit club details, there are toggles which can block users from editing their own permissions. Blocking users to do this will encourage them to message their manager or admin who can then change their response. This will stop people from changing their permissions quickly, allowing clubs to have a proper idea of everything that is going on in the club.

More can be found here

New: Membership Numbers

Add your club memberships to users ID cards within Teamo. This can be done from the Members Centre, click the cogs on the right-hand side and then import membership numbers.

Internal Team Codes

Team codes used to only exist for people external to the club joining a team. However, we have done some tweaking on our side and have come up with a way you can share codes to users already in your club and they can join them automatically!

To do this follow these steps:

  • Go to Edit Teams/Groups and click into the team
  • Scroll to the bottom and turn on ‘Open Group’
  • Click Done to save your changes
  • Find the team code
  • Send to people you want to join that team!

This will be great for teams that you want people to sign up to!

NEW: Fines

One of our new product types!! 

Fine players after a horrid challenge, dropping a catch and any reason you can think of. Fines are now live and linked to any event that your teammate can make a mess of themselves in (Training or Fixture)!

Captains are given suggested amounts per penalty, but can adjust things if they’d like! Read more about the technical details here.

New: Forward Messages

Share messages with ease with our latest chat function. Received a message about a change in location but think someone did not get it? Forward it to them at the touch of a button!

This will work in a similar way to forwarding a message in other chat providers.

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