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The new Game Management System (GMS) is in place for the management of all England Hockey league & cup fixtures. An important part of this system is that every CCHC player and club umpire will need to be registered with Cambridge City HC on the GMS system, and this will form the basis for online team sheets for every England Hockey game, irrespective of area or level of the game. If you are not on GMS, we have been told we cannot select you for EH National or East league fixtures.

For more general information on GMS & how to register you can head to the England Hockey website.

If you have already registered with CCHC on GMS, you do not need to take any further action.


If you have not already done so, please register here. U18s must be registered by a parent. There is more information on how to register a child in our 'Youth Players' section further down this page. Please make sure to select Cambridge City HC, as there are several clubs with very similar names!

The registration window closes on 1 February. Late registration requests (not previously registered on GMS with any club) must be approved by the area league before a player is eligible for selection, and players will be limited to playing in teams at Grade 4 & 5.

  • GMS - How to Register as a player on GMS.pdf
  • EHL Players - How to add a photo to my profile.pdf

Player Transfers

In system transfers are now live, so please use the functionality provided for OVER 18s. Players with their own accounts can log in to GMS and 'request to join a new club', either through a full transfer (leaving their current club) or via dual-registraton (where playing for a different Juniors or Masters club than their senior club).

🚨 Under 18s must still follow the offline process (email confirmation that they are free to move from the releasing club sent to GMS Support who will then initiate the transfer / dual-registration).

🚨  Players that have turned 18 should register their own account with their CURRENT club, and then email GMS Support. The child account will then be merged into the adult account, and then a transfer can be requested on the system.

To speed along any transfer, please ensure you have paid any outstanding fees owed to either CCHC (if leaving) or your releasing club if transferring in, and returned any kit or equipment if requested.

🚨  Transfer Deadline. The transfer window for the Area league closes on 1 February. After this date the online transfer system will be disabled. Any extraordinary requests can be reviewed by the ALMC but there needs to be a specific reason for this, usually a significant life or location change.

Youth Players (U18s)

U18s must be registered by a parent. If you are unsure how to do this, instructions, and also information on how to add a child if you are already registered on GMS as a player, can be found in the EH guidance below. Please make sure to select Cambridge City HC when you register, as there are several clubs with very similar names! The GMS registration link can be found here.

  • GMS - How to sign up my child or add a child to my profile.pdf

🚨 If you play for Cambridge City HC in an age group team, but play your senior hockey with another club, please make sure the youth section team are aware as they will need to ask GMS support to arrange your dual registration (if this was done last season, no further action is required). Do not try to re-register with Cambridge City HC in addition to your senior club as this will create a duplicate on the system.


All club umpires officiating in league fixtures need to be registered on GMS as part of the England Hockey Officiating Club (EHO). More information about the EHO and the different categories of membership can be found at

  • If you have not already done so, please register here and select “Officiating”.
  • Select your Primary and Secondary Area Branches as appropriate. Your Primary Area Branch should be the one where you wish to either undertake the majority of independent umpiring opportunities or receive support with your Officiating.
  • Select the appropriate EHO membership category. If you are unsure what category to choose, more information is on the England Hockey website here, or contact Tim Ireland via the contact card below.

If you are a player who also umpires you will need to register on GMS twice using the same email address - once as a 'Player' and once as 'Officiating'.


Here are some common issues and how to fix them, taken from England Hockey GMS support emails received. If you are still having problems, email

Log In Issues

If you are having login issues, please ensure that you are definitely trying to log in via and NOT any whostheumpire bookmarks you may have saved. Also, if you have tried resetting your password, please return to the GMS url (as above) to login and do NOT use the login screen you are immediately presented with having reset your password.

Dealing with Duplicates

If you believe you have registered twice with two different email addresses, please let GMS ( know which one you would like to keep, and they can now merge all accounts (and history) into the one you wish to keep.

Unable to 'Proceed' at first screen

If the 'Proceed' button on the first screen does not go live despite completing your email details, it may be because your email was 'autofilled' and GMS does not then recognise the field has completed. To correct, re-enter your email manually or click in the email box to set it live.

  • GMS Matchday Process - Quick Guide from East League.pdf
  • GMS - How to Submit Results & do Teamsheets v2.pdf
  • GMS - How to check the details of my appointed official PDF.pdf

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